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"Corpos Sonoros" is a creativity workshop where participants build sound sculptures out of reused discarded materials and then make use of these instruments for improvisation in a rhythm orchestra that tells stories. By exploring the body and rhythm as central elements of research, "Corpos Sonoros" aims to construct paths that contribute to raising community awareness about the urgency of protecting our planet through material reuse.


Klemente Tsamba was born in Malhangalene, one of the most creative neighbourhoods in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. From an early age, he participated in projects related to the performing arts, including urban dance groups, traditional music bands, and street theatre groups.

In 2001, after participating in a community theatre course organized by PAND, Artists United from Finland, he was selected by director Gisela Canãmero (Arte Pública de Beja, Portugal) to join the cast of "XTÓRIAS," a theatre piece created through the fusion of traditional Makonde tribe tales from Mozambique and Alentejo traditional tales from Portugal. After moving to Portugal, he earned a degree in Education and Communication and Multimedia (ESEB 2009) and began a theatrical research process that involved the intersection of orality and multimedia arts. This led to the creation of three solo theatre pieces authored by Klemente Tsamba: "Magia Negra" (2007), "Nos tempos de Gungunhana" (2013), and "Dizcontos" (2019), which have had significant participations in various theatre festivals in Lusophone countries.

Throughout his theatre career, Klemente has worked under the direction of David Muianga and João Chaúque (Mozambique), Gisela Cañamero, Jorge Feliciano, Sérgio Moura Afonso, Paulo Cintrão, Rita Wengorovius (Portugal), and Vítor de Oliveira (France). He has attended various workshops related to the performing arts, including Black Theatre (Ojuinan method) with Fernanda Júlia Onisajé (Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, 2016), Butoh Theatre with Dadashi Endo (Cabo Verde, Mindelact, 2017), Grotowski camping with Mário Biagini (Izmir, Turkey, 2018), and an introduction to jazz improvisation course with Bruno Pernadas (Hot-Club Lisboa) and Miguel Martins (Faro). In 2017, he developed the workshop "Corpos Sonoros," a research method focusing on rhythms and storytelling games for children and young people.

In addition to being an actor, Klemente is also a musician and artisan. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in Theatre and Community at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon.

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