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The concept of this workshop revolves around the development of individual expression through Hip Hop dance, using coordination and musicality as tools for interpretation. Expressions of rhythm and variations, rhythm and dynamics, as well as Freestyle, will be explored. In the end, there will be a showcase presentation that will be developed throughout the training with the participants, putting into practice the tools acquired through this work, with a focus on performance and a fostering a sense of unity.


A professional dancer and somewhat of a "master of none." He began his journey as a Hip-Hop dancer, becoming a reference in the national scene and leaving his mark in the competition circuit from an early stage. As a member of the Jukebox Crew and a finalist on "So You Think You Can Dance," his multidisciplinary path led him to participate in contemporary dance pieces. His career has taken him to the biggest national theatres and numerous venues worldwide, showcasing his potential as a performer in the performing arts. He has also embraced acting as part of his artistic repertoire.

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