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This workshop is a reflection on the invisible woman: the one who wakes up the earliest and goes to bed the latest, in a place where lives are shaped by work schedules and the setting sun. It is an attempt to showcase the social impact of these work circumstances, often accompanied by a lack of working conditions and transportation. The final outcome is a documentary developed with the community it is embedded in, revealing the perspective of those who experience this reality every day but lack visibility and a platform for expression.


Born in 1997 in Lisbon, the city that later expelled him and his family to a suburb called Linha de Sintra. Diogo's artistic life began at an early age, but it was only in France that he found his artistic vision and way of thinking. He never forgot where he grew up and fully immersed himself in heartfelt and profound projects. From cinema to painting, theatre to photography, he always approaches his work with an activist perspective, claiming a space not only for himself but also for those who don't even have space to exist, using «art» as a weapon. In 2018, he co-founded the artistic collective Unidigrazz, bringing freshness to the Portuguese cultural scene. 

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