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Through a collaborative and multidisciplinary practice, this workshop explores the possibilities of photography and drawing as creative and imaginative mediums for the (re)discovery of place and community by informing the gaze and memory. A laboratory space will be created, and neighbourhood walks will be undertaken to collect images and information that will serve as material and starting points for future experiments conducted by the participants. Engaging in a range of digital and analogue processes, the workshop will work with individual and collective memory to produce a final outcome materialized in one or more compositions created through cut-out drawings, resulting in a sense of three-dimensionality.


Brazilian artist Cássio Markowski works primarily between drawing and painting, while also exploring video and installation as means of expanding his practice. The artist's production encompasses a process of documenting various socio-cultural aspects of Afro-Brazilian history and the African diaspora. This approach is based on continuous research in archives, the internet, family albums, and image databases. This visual universe, simultaneously autobiographical and fictional, political and poetic, merges the artist's personal memories with collective experiences and traumas, creating a realm where the dreamlike relationship between humans, fauna, and flora prevails, referencing resignification and healing.

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