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The starting point for this workshop is sound reproduction using the body as an instrument, drawing a parallel with the early evolution of human beings, characterized by the absence of tools and utensils. Initially, participants will decontextualize objects. By recycling and reusing waste materials, they will construct alternative instruments, referring to a phase of civilization where the creation of utensils allowed humans to develop a different relationship with music and artistic expression. Following that, they will use technological tools to evoke the modern phase of human civilization, showcasing the ability to reproduce sounds created in the past, a development that has forever changed the artistic and conceptual landscape. Finally, a performance in the form of a musical story representing the creative evolution of human beings will be developed and presented.


Born in Portugal and raised in Cape Verde, Ari began expressing himself musically as a child, intuitively experimenting with beatboxing and percussion. In 2012, a friend introduced him to the Fruity Loops Studio software, where he discovered a new way to blend the various sounds he was absorbing by playing around with samples on the computer. In mid-2018, he was involved in the conception of the album "Meia Riba Kalxa" by Tristany as a music producer, and since its release in 2020 he has been on tour. Now he creates live musical loops using his body and his "loopstation" adding chants and mantras over rhythmic waves seasoned with his "darbukadjambé" (percussion). Through his work, he aims to combine ancient cultural roots with the new cyber world.

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