As part of the "Interferences" exhibition, developed by Underdogs in partnership with MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Iminente developed and produced a series of parallel initiatives.The itinerary intersected with the various moments of the exhibition's programme, generating dialogues with the exhibition's structural framework: the design of the city and its actors.

Workshop Invisible Histories: 

Session 1

IDENTITY - "Who are we?"

What is the importance of "the Other" in asserting my Identity? This is the question that inspired this session where we reflected on social prejudices. Through a group dynamic, we thought about aspects that characterize us, our local culture, and how it influences our education.
The second part of the workshop proposed the practice of stenciling, as a technique for handmade reproduction, applied to textile and paper. By producing t-shirts and tote bags, we explored new ways of representing ourselves, thus expanding the space of representation.

Session 2 

HISTORICAL MEMORY - "What do we need to remember?" 

Based on the works from the “Interferences” exhibition and the personal narratives of the participants in this workshop, this session aimed to work with video and installation formats. Using the camera on their mobile phones and an editing app, each participant created a small audiovisual project that questioned the ways of creating a historical document. We know that books, newspapers, official documents, and statues make history. But can our memories and our lives make history too? How do we organize ourselves and occupy space with our narratives? The projects created were projected onto an installable object built by the group of participants.

Invisible Histories @MAAT
Invisible Histories @MAAT
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