As part of the "Interferences" exhibition, developed by Underdogs in partnership with MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Iminente developed and produced a series of parallel initiatives. The itinerary intersected with the various moments of the exhibition's programme, generating dialogues with the exhibition's structural framework: the design of the city and its actors.

Workshop Right to Imagination:

Royal Skuare was born from the need to assert its identity in a more urban environment, hence the mixture of African patterns with more traditional fabrics - such as cotton, serge, linen, and denim - which ultimately results in an adaptation of two opposing realities.

The idea for the workshop arose from the desire to bring together two universes - the urban and peripheral with the traditional universe - and showcase their contrast and diversity through fabrics and imagery, using some basic techniques of making and creating clothing

In this workshop, Royal Skuare proposed the construction/deconstruction of garments from each participant's perspective. Each participant chose the garment with which they identified themselves and, through their imagination, infused their identity into it. Through combining techniques and materials, the designer's artistic vision was deconstructed. The objective was to celebrate the creativity and individuality of each participant, based on our origins. Participants had the opportunity to experiment with various materials and explore different ways to apply them.

Right to Imagination @MAAT
Right to Imagination @MAAT
Right to Imagination @MAAT
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