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This workshop aims to provide an opportunity to build a musical instrument using everyday elements/materials. It seeks to raise awareness among participants about the potential of their surrounding environment and the possibilities of unlikely hybrids and mixtures that can give rise to new/alternative "voices" and a more discerning, critical, and creative perspective. The workshop will focus on creating a Kalimba, consisting of a pentatonic scale, with the intention of generating rewarding musical results regardless of the combination or and/or users’ proficiency.


Eduardo Vanzeler is originally from Rio de Janeiro and currently resides in Caldas da Rainha. He is passionate about the world, learning, knowledge, and teaching, and views music and teaching as two important activities for cognitive, linguistic, psychomotor development and social integration. He holds a degree in Equipment Design from Politécnico da Guarda and completed his master's degree in Product Design at ESAD.CR in 2018. From 2018 to 2020, he conducted research on forest skills, speculating on products based on national woods, which resulted in various string instruments, among others. Currently, he works as a Design and Strategy consultant at Carpifran and concurrently serves as a guest assistant lecturer in the Bachelor's program in Fine Arts at ESAD.CR. He is also pursuing a doctoral programme in Design at the University of Aveiro, focusing his research on the contribution of Design to the democratization of music education.

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